My Favourite Books of 2017 - Part One!

The time has come to reveal my favourite books published in 2017  - and what a year of books it has been! My plans for a top ten disappeared somewhere around July so instead I'll be listing my top twenty six books! The first twenty two books are listed in chronological reading order only and then I wanted to finish with my absolute favourite read but that was too difficult too so I've narrowed it down to four books - you'll have to wait until Saturday to see what they are though...!

In the meantime, here's part one of my list of twenty two unforgettable reads, if you click on the title it will take you to my review of each.

A book I will be recommending for years to come, certain books come along that touch something inside of you, and Sealskin is one of those books.

Jaroslav Kalfař's debut is unforgettable; weird, funny, sad, touching and a melting pot of themes that combine to create a truly unique work of fiction.

To combine the ordinary and the almost mythological and to do so in such a unique style is a real testament to the skill and craft of the author.

 I fell in love with it within the first few pages, it's a book that celebrates the things we all need to make us feel human - music, art, food, love. 

 This is a gripping and immersive story from the very start. There are twists and turns, a breathtaking conclusion and an epilogue that has me desperate for book two! 

I'm very much in the 'crossover' part of a YA/crossover and while this is clearly written to appeal to readers younger than me I still found it a gripping and often dark story that surprised me several times and managed to keep me guessing.

An exciting and fresh thriller, I absolutely loved it and look forward to reading more from Amer Anwar. Please note the book is due to be republished by Dialogue Books with a new title - Brothers in Blood on 16/09/2018.

This is crime fiction at its most tense and gritty. Wolves in the Dark is an intelligent and insightful novel.

 I loved reading a book that really set my heart racing and my spine tingling, If you like your thrills on the visceral side and enjoy a witty, dark and surprising read then I highly recommend this book.

I was completely enthralled by Dying to Live, the complex investigation is utterly compelling, the potential heartbreak for Kubu at home providing a deeply moving subplot and the Botswana setting as vibrant as the colourful array of characters.

M.G. Sinclair vividly brings 17th century France to life, from the abject poverty of many citizens driven to the brink of starvation by the relentless Thirty Years War, to the opulence of Louis XIII's court and the power battles and intrigue behind the throne. 

Are any of these books in your list of best books of 2017 or have I persuaded you to read any of them? I'd love to know! Don't forget to join me tomorrow for the second half of my list - there are still lots of fabulous books to come!

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