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Hello and thanks for stopping by Hair Past a Freckle. I'm Karen; a bibliophile, mum, wife, and cheese lover! I started Hair Past a Freckle in 2013 as a jack of all trades blog but quickly realised I mostly loved book reviewing and so decided to concentrate on books here. I used to blog about other stuff sporadically on my other blog, A Thief of Time but it hasn’t been updated for ages now as reading and reviewing takes up my time!
You may be wondering why I called the blog, Hair Past A Freckle. It was actually something my father used to say when I was growing up. If you're unaware of the saying, it is something said in response to somebody asking the time, usually because the person isn't wearing a watch (or in the case of my Dad, just to be difficult!) It seems a fitting name for a book blog as there can't be many readers who haven't completely lost track of time thanks to a good book.
As a child I was always being told to get some fresh air instead of sitting with my nose in a book. I was the sort of child who read packets if I didn't have a book to hand. I used to love nothing better than going to a summer fete and coming away with a pile of second hand books, that old book smell lured me from a young age! Two of my favourite books as a child were indeed bought from a fete - Shadow the Sheepdog by Enid Blyton and The Winter of Enchantment by Victoria Walker. I no longer have my much loved copies unfortunately but managed to replace both so my own daughters could enjoy them too - although naturally they have their own favourites.
The very first book I reviewed for this blog was The Humans by Matt Haig, it remains a very special book for me. In 2012 one of my brothers died by suicide. It was reading and later writing that helped me bear the cosmic shock to my world after his death. In the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep I listened to audiobooks. Books were my way of stepping out of reality for a while, a way of giving myself some respite from the thoughts overcrowding my brain. I first read The Humans a few months after his death and it was the beacon of hope I desperately needed. I've read many wonderful books since then, books that have lifted me, books I've learned from, books that have made me think, transported me to a different world, told truths about this world and kept me turning their pages long into the night.
Outside of reading I’m married with  three daughters and four pets - Eddie the terrier, Monty the ginger cat, Ibsen the rabbit and Speedy the tortoise. I currently work part time as a teaching assistant and midday supervisor in a primary school.
Thank you for reading, I can also be found as @karlou on Twitter and on my blog's Facebook page. I hope you enjoy my reviews, happy reading!


  1. Hello Karen. . .
    I just came across your review site after seeing my book come up in your Twitter feed.
    My publisher recently released Down to No Good, the sequel to my first book, Down Solo.
    Some would call it a hardboiled/paranormal mashup, but I prefer to call it metaphysical noir. I wonder if I can interest you in taking a look.
    Here’s what’s come in so far:

    “Earl Javorsky’s Down to No Good is wildly original, wildly energetic, wildly funny – it’s just straight up wild, and I mean that in the best possible way.” Lou Berney, Edgar Award-winning author of The Long and Faraway Gone.

    “Haunting and original, Down to No Good takes you down a dark road and then leads you to the light. It’s Elmore Leonard meets the supernatural in a superb tale of redemption, retribution, and recovery. Javorsky is a writer to watch.”
    Anthony Franze, author of The Outsider

    “The book is killer. I like this one even better in the first. Terrific work. DOWN TO NO GOOD begins with the central character dead and then brings him back to life to face a very bad day. That's Earl Javorsky's world: mind-boggling, dark, hilarious, and unforgettable. If you haven't read him, well, it's your own fault.” Tim Hallinan, author of the Poke Rafferty series.

    All I ask is a three-page read; if I don’t have your attention by then, pass (I take no hostages).
    A brief description is here: www.earljavorsky.com. The book is 220 pages long, published by The Story Plant. (Please know that Down to No Good contains violence, drug use, and possibly offensive language.)
    I would be happy to send Kindle or epub copies.
    Earl Javorsky

    1. Hi Earl, I'm currently not really taking on any new requests while I catch up on my tbr list but if you're happy to wait some months for a review then please could you email the details to hairpastafreckklebookreviews@gmail.com. Thanks.

  2. so glad to have found your site! I love anything todo with books :-)

  3. Many Thanks for the review. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading Other Women and I’m interested that you saw Sam as a character beyond this narrative. He is someone I’ve found very hard to leave behind … a man who has seen the worst in people but has never let his experiences scar his underlying decency. (I’m plotting an extended epilogue on my website). But the character that intrigued me the most was Katie. She originated, as many fictional characters do, as a plot device … someone to share a dialogue with Sophie. But she very quickly took over and wrote her own words. Sometimes you read back over a character you’ve written and you wonder how they happened.

  4. Great title! My father use to say the same thing...


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