Iron Will by James Maxwell #GuestPost #BlogTour

War has come to Xanthos. Across the sea, the insane King Palemon’s lust for gold has driven him to build an army of dragons that will soon destroy everything in their path. Neighbouring royalty, Prince Dion and Princess Chloe, refuse to be helpless pawns in a clash of nations, and strive to bring their kingdoms together to fight this impending threat. When they find themselves hopelessly outmanned and outgunned, their only hope is to go in search of the secretive and powerful race of shapeshifters called the Eldren who have long since disappeared into the mysterious Wilds.

 All the while, an ancient, terrible power rises from the ashes to once again claim all-consuming power and domination over Xanthos. The world faces a war to end all wars, and enemies once fighting over gold must now become allies to face this rising evil, less everything they hold dear be destroyed and their whole world be plunged into darkness.

 As a world-spanning conflict begins, a king is betrayed, a prophecy is …

Book Review: Tigerman by Nick Harkaway

Lester Ferris is a burnt out British sergeant who after seeing too many horrors of war is sent to serve out his last days in the army on the island of Mancreu, a former British colony where he is to be Brevet-Consul until the island is destroyed, Mancreu is a toxic island with an underbelly of mutant bacteria living in its volcanic core. With the island in legal limbo the  Black Fleet lies just offshore, illicit ships where drug factories, dodgy hospitals, money laundering and torture chambers exist unchallenged. Now under the jurisdiction of the NATO and Allied Protection Force on Mancreu (NatProMan) many of the islanders have already left and with more poisonous clouds predicted to erupt soon full evacuation seems to be inevitable. Most of those remaining are law-abiding citizens but some have turned to dodgier dealings. The Sergeant though has orders to act only as village bobby, and do little more than "walk, take tea and say hello".
He strikes up a friendship with a mysterious comic-obsessed young boy, a protégé who talks the language of the internet (Zomg! Total win!), seems to know most of the secrets of the island but won't talk about his own home life. The Sergeant realises he wants to adopt the boy and to look after him when it's time to evacuate but tragic events mean that their lives are thrown into turmoil. Lester can't stand back any more, not when the boy is in danger. The boy decides what Mancreu needs is a superhero. Can Tigerman foil the villains? Are they who he thinks they are and can this condemned island be saved anyway?
Tigerman is a truly engaging and original book; for all the nail-biting tension, humour, superheroic deeds and a brilliant twist there is also a deep and honest heart to it. The secondary characters are a richly described group of disparate individuals but it's the relationship between the boy and the man, these flawed and damaged people who we fear and hope for and who are better together but may not be able to stay that way, that makes this book so very human.
This is easily one of the best books I've read this year, in short, and to quote the boy, Tigerman is "full of win".
Thank you to the author and publishers for my free copy of Tigerman from NetGalley in return for my honest review.

Tigerman is published in the UK by William Heinemann