Week in Words: 28th May - 4th June 2017

Sadly I need to begin this week's post by offering my sincere condolences to everyone affected by the heinous acts of terrorism in London last night. I'm late in posting this today as I felt a bit hesitant but finally decided that the best response to terrorism is to not allow the perpetrators the victory of us changing how we live our daily lives. I understand others may feel differently but this is the decision I feel is right for me.

We were away in Wales from Monday to Friday and for the most part without WiFi. It means I have lots of reviews to catch up with but I did manage to read four books without social media to distract me!


Thank you to everyone who shared my review of Block 46 by Johana Gustawsson for the blog tour. I was relieved to see my scheduling worked!
I started The Former Chief Executive by Kate Vane last weekend and finished it in a day. It is a quick read but there's nothing slight about it, I very much enjoyed it. My review should be up tomorrow.

I read We've Come to Take You Home by Susan Gandar in one evening. I had a suspicion I would love it and I wasn't wrong. Again my review will be posted soon.

After recently finishing Snowblind and Nightblind by Ragnar Jonasson, I was going to wait a bit before reading Blackout but I resisted for ooh...about five minutes! I really can't believe I waited so long to read this Dark Iceland series. Expect another glowing review soon.

The final book I read this week was really quite terrifying. Be My Killer by Richard Parker actually gave me nightmares. I loved it (not sure what that says about me?!) and will hopefully post my review of it soon too.

Television and Film
Another week where I've not watched much on the small screen (obviously Doctor Who!) but while we were away we did watch two films.

After the Wizard tells the story of an orphan girl called Elizabeth who believes she is really Dorothy Gale, and the journey to Kansas by the Scarecrow and Tinman who believe Dorothy is the only person who can save Oz. It was one of the worst films I've ever seen. If you ever spot the DVD in a supermarket don't let yourself be tempted as we were. The acting is atrocious, the plot a meandering mess, the ending was pathetic. It's an hour and a bit I'll never get back so do yourselves a favour and don't make my mistake!

This makes the film look so much better than it is.
More enjoyable was the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie, the Long Haul which we watched at the cinema. My 9 year old daughter loves the Wimpy Kid books so was desperate to watch this. Her verdict afterwards was positive, she said the plot of the film differs quite a bit from the book but she still really enjoyed it. It reminded me a bit of a National Lampoon's film. It's not likely to win any awards and is not particularly memorable but an amusing enough way to spend a couple of hours. I did however feel really old when I realised Alicia Silverstone is the mom - and she has a teenager!

Still not over Alicia Silverstone being an adult

Next Week
I'll be starting Blood Moon by John David Bethel soon. I also have The Summer of Serendipity by Ali McNamara lined up and will almost certainly be tempted by Ragnar Jonasson again and read Rupture, the fourth book in the Dark Iceland series.

Happy reading everyone!