The Bitter End by Ann Evans and Robert D.Tysall

Paul finally has his life back on track. After losing his wife, Helena in a horrific car crash, he has found love with Sally and moves into her country cottage.  
As a former high-ranking Naval Officer, Paul now works as Head of Security at MI5.
Paul has no memories from before he was ten years old. An accident left him in a coma for 9 months.  But was it really an accident?
Soon Paul starts to have flashes of childhood memories, all involving his childhood friend, Owen.
Sally introduces him to her friend, Juliet, the owner of a craft shop. Paul is shocked when he is introduced to Juliet’s partner, his old friend Owen.
Flashes of memories continue to haunt Paul, particularly the memory of his first wife Helena burning in the car crash.
As dark things start to happen, and local people begin dying in horrific accidents, Paul must face his past and will end up fighting for his life.

It's my pleasure to be one of the hosts of the blog blitz for The Bitter End by Ann Evans and Robert D. Tysa…

#CoverReveal - The Little Church by the Sea by Liz Taylorson

I'm absolutely delighted to be taking part in a very special mass cover reveal today. The Little Church by the Sea by Liz Taylorson is the first women's fiction title by new publishers, Manatee Books.

First though, here's the description,

Isolated and unwelcome in the picturesque seaside village of Rawscar, Reverend Cass Fordyce has lost her faith and her home. Christmas is coming, and she isn’t looking forward to it. Then she meets attractive local man Hal - twice divorced and with a reputation as a ladies’ man he’s everything that a celibate vicar like Cass should avoid…especially as Hal is hiding secrets of his own, including his past with the mysterious Anna.
Can Cass ever find her way in Rawscar? What secret does Hal have to hide? And is there ever such a thing as a truly fresh start?

Doesn't that sound like an absorbing read for Christmas? I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing Liz Taylorson and Manatee Books all the very best.

So now for the main event, the cover reveal...

Isn't it lovely? I'm sure lots of people will be tempted by such a gorgeous cover. The Little Church by the Sea will be published on 23rd November. You can pre-order the ebook here.

Don't forget to follow Liz Taylorson  and Manatee Books on Twitter. My grateful thanks to the publishers for inviting me to take part in today's cover reveal.