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From the CIA headquarters to the danger zones of Morocco and Pakistan, undercover agent Shawn Maguire is embroiled in a sinister conspiracy and an unlikely romance in this exhilarating debut spy thriller.
Shawn Maguire, unemployed American spy, has been paid to find a young Iranian now being interrogated in one of the CIA's black prisons. The prisoner’s location remains unknown - he may be in Fes, Cairo or even Peshawar - but Shawn has every confidence that he'll find his man eventually. Based on his time as an agent, it's an assignment he knows he can handle. But there’s one person he's not sure even he can handle:  the prisoner's wife.

The Prisoner's Wife is a political thriller ripped from today's headlines; a tense trip through the murky worlds of state–sponsored terrorism, nuclear politics, secret American jails and lawless rendition. Conspiracies abound in this sophisticated and suspenseful novel, with its crackling dialogue and evocative, lawless landscapes. Maguire is a first-rate protagonist, complicated and heroic, and writer Gerard Macdonald does an expert job of capturing the casual ambivalence of the American intelligence officers in their rendition campaigns and keenly observes the cynical manner in which operatives prop up or depose criminal leaders depending on America’s own needs.

A pulse-pounding account of political intrigue in the Middle-East starring complex hero Shawn Maguire, The Prisoner’s Wife is the perfect next read for fans of espionage and international thrillers.

I'm delighted to be hosting the blog tour for The Prisoner's Wife today. my grateful thanks to the author, publishers and Rachel Gilbey for inviting me to take part.
I absolutely love the sound of The Prisoner's Wife and wish I had time to read it before the blog tour, I'll definitely be reading it as soon as I can though. In the meantime, Gerard Macdonald has very kindly written a guest post about his favourite spies. 

Guest Post
I don’t have many favourites among spies: I don’t know if Kim Philby counts. But you have to warm to any well-bred man who can march drunkenly through quiet Cambridge streets, shouting out that he was a Russian spy. As, indeed, he was. 

Sam Spade is another favourite, though I now know that the author – Dashiell Hammett -­‐ had a more interesting life and marriage than the spies he wrote about. 

Le Carre’s fictional spies, Magnus Pym and George Smiley, are an interesting reworking of Le Carre’s own unhappy upbringing, and his long struggle with his unloving, confidence-trickster father, who was in and out of prison. 

John Buchan’s spy-hero – Richard Hannay – is ‘pretty well disgusted with life’ – but still manages to save his country from military defeat. 

Finally, there is Wormold – the vacuum cleaner salesman; our man in Havana – is one of Graham Greene’s happier spy-craft creations. 

Thank you so much Gerard and best of luck with The Prisoner's Wife. 
Do you have a favourite fictional (or even real-life!) spy? Let me know in the comments. I  have a bit of a soft spot for Richard Hannay myself.
Don't forget to check out the other stops on the tour, details are below. The Prisoner's Wife is published by Socciones Editoria Digitale and can be purchased here.

About the Author

Gerard Macdonald lives in West London and is currently working on a short series of political fiction books
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