My Favourite Books of 2017 - Part Two!

If you missed my post yesterday, I posted the first part of my list of my favourite reads of 2017 and because I've been thoroughly spoiled by authors this year and unable to choose a Top Ten, I've had to pick my Top Twenty Six! I posted the first eleven yesterday with eleven more today and as before they are listed in the order I read them only. Don't miss my post tomorrow when I reveal my four Top Reads of 2017 (I couldn't narrow the choice down to just one!)

First though, here is part two of my list of my favourite books published in the UK this year. If you click on the title it will take you to my review of each.

Brilliantly chilling, yet also insightful and understanding, readers will be left both unsettled and moved by this impressive thriller.

This is a classy, thoughtful novel that deserved to be savoured. I loved it.

 I didn't just read Maria In The Moon, I became immersed in it. Louise writes stories that leap from the page, she creates books that are so authentic as to almost feel like pop-ups; you don't just imagine the scenes, you feel part of them.

House if Spines is an unforgettable book, Michael J. Malone's writing is terrifying but it's also evocative and poetic.

 It's so refreshing to read an action thriller where the women take centre stage and aren't love interests, secretaries or sidekicks.

The Language of Secrets is an uncompromising book, featuring an intelligent and clear headed examination of our historical legacy, and of the political, religious and social attitudes that affect us all.

This is a book where everything comes together beautifully; the intelligent and often tense storyline that reveals just enough then adds in little twists to keep you on your toes, the atmospheric rural setting brought so vividly, sometimes chillingly to life you can almost smell the marshes of Poissons-les-Marais and, perhaps most impressively, the cast of characters, headed of course, by Lucas Rocco.

I'm always hopeful that an action thriller will set my pulse racing and Scream Blue Murder is a total adrenaline rush!

 It takes a very special writer to create something quite so beautiful, to capture the sense of place and to write with such empathy and insight. 

Illusion is a book to savour, the prose is as magical as Walter's illusions and I was completely spellbound by this captivating story.

Scorched Shadows has everything I could ask for in a fantasy novel, I love that it combines various mystical elements with dark urban fantasy and that it does so with such superb characterisation, immersive world-building and no little wit - the pop culture references are a lovely touch.

Did any of these books make your list of favourites this year or are they are your TBR list for 2018? Don't forget to join me tomorrow when I reveal the very special books that are my top reads for 2017!

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