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Morte Point is a wonderful spot for a holiday. Only that’s not why Ben Bracken is here...
He’s here because in this sleepy part of England, events are now unfolding that could cause death and mayhem - and not just for the unfortunates in the plane that has just crashed into the sea off the North Devon coast.
Sent to locate the source of the problem, ex-soldier and patriot Ben finds himself both hunter and hunted. But who is after him, and why do they want to capture him so desperately?
It’s only when, on the edge of physical and mental exhaustion, he meets a young Kosovan microbiologist that he begins to understand the scale of the plot he has been drawn into, and the weight of responsibility that the authorities have placed on his shoulders. So it’s probably just as well they don’t know about his slightly shady past.
But then, as Ben is rapidly finding out, those in authority aren’t always what they seem either...

I'm delighted to be closing the blog tour for Morte Point by Robert Parker today. Many thanks to the author and Hannah Groves from Endeavour Media for inviting me and for my advance copy of the novel.
I love a good action thriller and Morte Point certainly fits the bill. Although a very contemporary novel, it reminded me in some ways of a Hannay story with its protagonist, Ben Bracken facing what looks like an impossible task to evade capture and to seek out the truth, even though he has been forced to go on the run. This is the second novel to feature Bracken, I haven't yet read the first book, A Wanted Man but can confirm Morte Point can be read and enjoyed as a standalone thriller. Bracken is  the archetypal hero; strong, resourceful and damaged by his past. He's certainly knows exactly what he's capable of, his military past holding him in good stead when he faces what should be insurmountable odds. The introduction of microbiologist, Amina works well because she causes him to reflect on his decisions and confront some of his actions. Bracken is an uncompromising man who is used to working alone and in a novel which is told through his perspective he's does come across as somewhat egotistical but it's this self-belief which helps to keep him alive. Although the scenes with Amina have their own tension, it's the moments where he must survive alone which are perhaps the most exciting.  Without Amina, he would perhaps be a little too single-minded but his complicated feelings towards her reveals some vulnerability and it's through his flaws that he becomes more human.
The action in Morte Point moves at a blistering pace with a breathtaking sense of danger as Bracken understands just what is at stake but realises he doesn't know who he can trust. The plot is almost unashamedly far-fetched but it really doesn't matter; this is all about the drama and the book is packed with it. Bracken finds his patriotism sorely tested when he finds himself in the midst of a devious plot which reaches far into Government. He manages to avoid capture - or worse - by the skin of his teeth on a number of occasions but ultimately must face a dilemma which will shake him to his very core and cause him to reassess what it is to protect a country. The book has an unexpected twist as it races to its compulsive conclusion which sets the scene nicely for Bracken's next adventure. I'm looking forward to seeing what troubles lie in store for him next, I've a feeling things are going to become even tougher!

Morte Point is published by Endeavour Quill and can be purchased here. Don't forget to check out the previous stops on the blog tour, details are below.

About the Author
Robert Parker is the author of international bestseller A Wanted Man. He currently writes full time, while also making time to encourage new young readers and authors through readings and workshops at local schools and bookstores.
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