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A double life – a single truth.

Fresh out of uniform, DC Jimmy Bliss finds himself at the centre of an undercover sting. Enlisted by a crew of villains to crack a safe, he fears his cover is blown when he’s seen in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But on the night of the job, things run smoothly enough until the gang leader changes the location of the heist. As the job spirals out of control, Bliss has to trust his instincts and buy some time. There’s just one problem: he has no idea if his team know what has become of him.

As the situation escalates, Bliss finds himself at the mercy of a violent criminal who will do anything not to be caught.

It's such a pleasure to be hosting another Bliss blog tour today. Huge thanks to Tony J. Forder and Sarah Hardy from BOTBS Publicity for inviting me and for my advance copy of the novella.

Tony J. Forder's D.I. Bliss books are unquestionably one of my favourite crime fiction series and over time I've enjoyed discovering more about what makes Jimmy Bliss the way he is. However, the series began when he was already a detective inspector who has experienced tragedy in his personal life and numerous challenges in his career. Bliss Uncovered takes us back in time to when he wasn't exactly a wet behind the ears copper but has only recently become a D.C, so I was intrigued to see what he was like back then and to learn a little about what helped shape the man he eventually became.
It's worth pointing out here that although this novella will be a real treat for Bliss fans, it can also easily be used as a starting point for anybody new to the series - although it will perhaps have more of an emotional impact for those who are unaware of what the future holds for him. It's here that we finally meet the love of his life, Hazel which really brings a bittersweet quality to the story. It's almost painful to see the pair discuss their future but it's also rather lovely seeing the softer, less cynical side of Jimmy.
He's not a completely different man, of course and so it comes as no surprise when he has heated encounters with his boss, Detective Inspector Moody. It's interesting to ponder here whether he would always have had such problems with authority had his first D.I. been a more supportive man; I suspect he would still have struggled to contain his temper at times as that's who he is but perhaps Moody's failings influenced the type of boss he eventually became. Where Moody criticises and denigrates, Bliss leads with compassion and an astute understanding of what his team needs.
His inherent intuition holds him in good stead here, too as he works on his first undercover case as one of the Fab Four planning a safe-cracking job. We obviously know that he is not really at serious risk of harm but nevertheless there is still a sense of tension running throughout the novella as we wait to discover whether his true identity will be uncovered or if the sting is successful.  I also enjoyed the subplot featuring a mother with a missing child, which serves to underline both how empathetic he can be and the emotional toll of his job.
The Bliss series is mostly set in Peterborough but at this point in his career, Jimmy is still based in London and living with his parents. As his father has already passed away in the main series, I loved being given a further insight into the relationship between the two men. It's clear that his dad has been a huge influence on him, both personally and professionally but Jimmy isn't averse to disagreeing with his old man when he thinks he is wrong.
This perceptive, poignant portrait of the  detective as a young man is a welcome addition to this outstanding series; the operation Bliss is working on is suspenseful and exciting while the opportunity to explore the background behind this exceptional character is utilised superbly throughout. As always with these books, I highly recommend it.

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About the Author
Tony J Forder is the author of the bestselling DI Bliss crime thriller series. The first seven books, Bad to the Bone, The Scent of Guilt, If Fear Wins, The Reach of Shadows, The Death of Justice, Endless Silent Scream, and Slow Slicing, will be joined in December 2020 by a prequel novella, Bliss Uncovered.
Tony’s other series – two action-adventure novels featuring Mike Lynch – comprises both Scream Blue Murder, and Cold Winter Sun. In addition, Tony has written two standalone novels: a dark, psychological crime thriller, Degrees of Darkness, and a suspense thriller set in California, called Fifteen Coffins, released in November 2020.
Tony lives with his wife in Peterborough, UK, and is now a full-time author. He is currently working on Bliss #8, The Autumn Tree.


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